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About our copyright


We do get lots of requests to use our work, for articles, presentations or for use on web pages.

The images are tagged with our site name as well as who ever took the picture, in addition we have added a digital watermark, that's not visible in the picture.
We spend quite a lot of time, making this site, and its contents, so we hope you will respect our copyright.

We will usually not (anymore) give permission to use our work on private websites, unless there are other reasons for doing it than just to make those websites looking good.
However, for example, if you intend to write a new and interesting article that will promote keeping the fish of our interest under the right conditions, or promote not to put fish of the "same species" from different locations together, we might give the permission to use our work.
We will not give permission to use our work on websites that promote breeding forms or artificially manipulated color forms of fish. Nor to websites that present information about fish that, to our judgement, is obviously wrong.

If you want to use our images, articles or other work, we would like you to do the following:

- Ask for permission, by using the "Contact us"-page!

If you do get permission to use our work:
- Do not remove the watermark, without written permission
- Please add a link to our home page.

Our works displayed on this site cannot be used, commercially or private, for any reason without written permission.