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Colour forms of Amazonian cichlid fish represent reproductively isolated species
Collecting Corydoras sp. CW-018
A short article about how I found a new species of Corydoras, with some pictures of the fish and the habitat.
Helmut Pinters table of tetra breeding
Collecting Apistogramma (cf.) bitaeniata in Pebas
A short report describing the collection of two forms of Apistogramma (cf.?) bitaeniata in the Río Ampíyacu-drainage.
Collecting Apistogramma sp. Papagei ( A91 )
A short report descibing the collection of Apistogramma sp. "Papagei" in the Pebas area in 2006
Why do Apistogramma females steal fry from other females?
What are the advantages of raising fry from another female's cluster? Erich Lorentzen studied this phenomenon many years ago, using Apistogramma borellii females and fry.
A few pictures from Tamshiyacu 2008
Now, in Oct. 2008, we had the time for a two days trip to Rio Tamshiyacu and the town with the same name.
Collecting in Pebas, Río Orosa and Río Shishita.
A report from our trip to the Pebas area in the Peruvian Amazon in 2008
First collecting day in the Amazon 2009
A brief report from our first day of collecting
Second expedition in the Amazon Oct. 2009
On our second expedition we went to Mazan and up the Rio Napo
Collecting "Apistogramma sp. Ruth" = ?
In October 2009 we collected a fish locally called "Apistogramma sp. Ruth" on a very short expedition out from Iquitos........
Collecting in the Rio Tapiche drainage
This 1100 km (> 700 miles) long trip on the rivers, in October 2009, gave us amazing experiences, exiting fish, and a memory for life. Warning: The report is long,and takes time to download!
First catches in the Amazon 2010
Just warming up for the more exiting adventures...
Collecting in Angamos, Río Yavari / Río Galvez 2010
A report from our expedition to Angamos, Río Yavari / Río Galvez in October 2010
Mike recognizes 15 species-groups and 18 species-complexes in four distinct lineages with one sublineage, plus several unaffiliated species.
Collecting in Río Tigre / Río Pucacuro 2010
A more than 6 days adventure in remote areas....
Apistogramma Species List by Species-Groups/Complexes, as of August 2011
An impressive list of more than 340 Apistogramma species & forms arranged by Species-Groups/Complexes. August, 2011
Paleogeography of South America and its effects on the distribution & phylogeny of Apistogramma-species-groups
THE article of the century! With it, it should be possible to predict which species-groups occur in areas as yet not examined thoroughly.
Collecting in the Río Tahuayo and the Río Tamshiyacu drainages 2011
A report from my collection of several Apistogramma species in these two neighboring drainages in 2011.
A. agassizii forms from the Río Corrientes, Peru
Just a presentation of some of the A. agassizii forms I collected in the Río Corrientes, Peru in 2014
Some of the fishes collected in the Colombian llanos in 2017
The first 2 weeks of the 2017 trip to Colombia were used to explore the llanos. Here I present many of the fishes we collected there.
Apistogramma Species List by Species-Groups/Complexes, as of October 2017
An impressive list of more than 400 Apistogramma species & forms arranged by Species-Groups/Complexes. October, 2017
A mouth full! – Apistogramma sp. "D10", a new mouthbrooder from Colombia
An exquisite and thorough article, where most aspects of the mouth-breeding Apistogramma from Colombia are reviewed in detail.
A Colombian Beauty – Apistogramma sp. ‘Kiemenfleck/Gill-spot’ (= A. sp. "D37")
An insightful, inspiring and beautiful article about the species so far called Apistogramma sp. "D37"
Apistogramma Species List by Species-Groups/Complexes. The latest edition
This amazing list now contains almost 600 species/forms of Apistogramma, and is updated whenever needed.
Apistogramma sp. "Rautenband / Diamond-band" – An aquaristically new Dwarf Cichlid from the Río Vaupés drainage.
An impressive thorough and comprehensive article that highlights most aspects of the species previously called A. sp. aff. "Mitu"
Collecting in Leticia, Colombia, 2014
A short report from collecting the Apistogramma sp. "Kelleri", now A. megastoma
Collecting in the Río Gálvez, Peru, 2011
A report from collecting Apistogramma inside the territory of the Matsés tribe
Long time ago! – Apistogramma sp. "Mitu" back in Europe after 26 years
Everything you'll need to know about Apistogramma sp. "Mitu"/"D6".
The hunt for the true Apistogramma cruzi
A report from the trip to the Río Mazán, Peru, in 2007, hunting for the true Apistogramma cruzi.
Apistogramma sp. "Cuiari", a new beauty from eastern Colombia
This article highlights most aspects of the new species Apistogramma sp. "Cuiari"