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First catches in the Amazon Oct. 2010

Yesterday, ......sort of warming up:-)

Around 60-70km from Iquitos:



 to this nice little stream:

On this very hot day, the water was very shallow and very warm:


pH: 4,87  Conductivity: 14 microSiemens/cm  Temperature: 35,3 °C !!

Amazingly, there were several Apistogramma species in the water:

Apistogramma cf. eunotus:

This strange looking fish is probably Apistogramma sp. "Zchwarzbrust/Black-breast":

 and to our (and the fisherman's) big surprise:

 Wonderful Apistogramma eremnopyge:

Today we are preparing for the next expedition; tomorrow we will take a flight to more distant areas.

Maybe more to come......