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Apistogramma Species List

By Species-Groups/Complexes

August, 2011


Compiled by Mike Wise


The genus Apistogramma is one of the most species-rich genera of cichlid fishes in South America. Only the genus Crenicichla can compete with it in numbers of species. Presently, Dr. S. O. Kullander lists 62 (plus 6 additional new) described species as valid, but there are probably more than twice as many presently undescribed species that have entered the hobby over the past 30 years. In addition, a large number of distinct populations (often called “forms”) and color morphs exist that may or may not be species in their own right. This leads to problems in deciding which are valid species. I tend to be more of a “splitter”. I do this for two reasons. First, I feel that we need to avoid crossing different populations in the hobby as much as possible. Many of these populations are extremely rare and not yet studied. Once crossed with other similar populations many of these possible species could be lost to the hobby. If they turn out to be populations of the same species, then no real harm is done, but if they turn out to be distinct species, then we lose species purity in the hobby due to unintentional hybridization. Second, genetic studies indicate that the genus Apistogramma is not only evolving very rapidly (Farias, et al., 2001), but that genetically distinct species can be almost indistinguishable from each other (Ready, et al., 2006).


I have been compiling lists of Apistogramma species since 1985, first for the Apistogramma Study Group and now for several web based apisto sites. The following list is my opinion of which species are distinct and separate, and which are merely geographic populations. My list is based on information provided to me by apistophiles from all over the world. It is strongly influenced by the works of Kullander, Koslowski and preliminary genetic work by Miller and Schliewen. I doubt that others with an extensive knowledge of the genus will agree completely with this list, yet I feel it is accurate for the most part. It will undoubtedly change – as it has in the past – as new data appear. I am always interested in others opinions. Such discussions can only improve our understanding of the many species of Apistogramma.


The following compilation follows a format that I have found useful for over 25 years. Species (described and undescribed) that I believe are distinct and valid are listed in alphabetical order within their respective species-group/complex.  My groupings are based primarily on works originally published by Kullander (1980; 1986), Koslowski (1985; 2002) and the preliminary genetic studies published Miller & Schliewen (2005) as well as data from more recent discoveries. “Forms” that I believe are only geographic populations of a species are indicated as such by being listed below the species to which I believe they belong, but they are shown indented. Many species have been given more than one name. These are listed in “Other Names”. Where there is more than one common name for an undescribed species or form, I tend to use the oldest or most popular published name, as opposed to commercial/trade names. There are exceptions, however. I try to avoid using names that look like scientifically described names, although they are not (e.g. Pandurini, Wilhelmi). Such common names continue to cause confusion among some hobbyists about what is a valid scientifically described species and what is not. Instead, I give preference to location names, followed by descriptive names. I also try to avoid common names that might be confusing, such as my using the name A. sp. “Cruzeiro” (for the city of Cruzeiro do Sul) instead of A. sp. “Juruá”, which can be confused with A. juruensis. A-numbers listed in Stawikowski (2005) are included for most species. Those without A-numbers have been introduced into the hobby after its publication or not considered questionable species. Finally, I provide a generalized “Distribution” for each form, if known.



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               Name                                  Other Names            A-No.       Distribution                  







A. caetei

              A. cf. caetei (Gurupí)

     A. cf. caetei (Turiaçu)


? = A. caetei?

? = A. caetei?


A 26

A 29

Rio Caeté; Rio Apeú (N. E. Coast Brazil)

Rio Gurupi (Brazil)

Rio Turiaçu (Brazil)

A. cf. caetei (Guamá)

     A. cf. caetei (Capim)


A 27

A 28

Rio Guamá (L. Rio Capim, Brazil)

Rio Capim (Brazil)

A. cf. caetei (Maramanim)



Rio Marapanim (Brazil)

A. cf. caetei (Paraguay)

     A. commbrae (w/separate caudal spot)I

A. sp. Paraguay; A. sp. Paraguay


A 31

A 94

Rio Paraguay? (Brazil?, Paraguay?)

Import from Paraguay

A. cf. caetei (Rotwangen/Red-cheeks)

A. cf. caetei Marajó

A 30

Ilha de Marajó (Brazil)

A. sp. Araguaia


     A. sp. Araguaia (Crixas)

      A. sp. Araguaia (Marabá)

A. sp. Aruana; A. sp. Araguaia (Aruanã); A. sp. Araguaia (Santana)

A. sp. Crixas

A 22


A 23

A 24

L. Tocantins; Rio Araguaia (Aruanã, Brazil)


Rio Crixas-Mirim (U. Araguaia, Brazil)

Rio Araguaia near Marabá (Brazil)

A. sp. Macapá


A 32

Amazon delta (Near Macapá, Brazil)



Xingu / caetei-Complex Bridge?


A. piauiensis

A. sp. Paraguay III

A 21

Rio Parnaiba (N.E. Coast, Brazil)

A. tucurui

     A. cf. tucurui (no tail stripes)


A. sp. Tucurui

A 20


L. Rio Tocantins (Tucurui, Brazil)

L. Rio Tocantins (Tucurui, Brazil)





A. sp. Chao

     A. sp. Itaparaná

A. sp. Rio Xingu (Chao 93-107)

? = A. sp. Chao?

A 42

A 43

M. Rio Xingu (S of Altamira, Brazil)

Reported to be from the Rio Itaparaná (M. Rio Purus), but probably from the Rio Xingu (Brazil)

A. sp. Jabuti

A. taeniata Santarém

A 36

Rio Jabuti (near Santarém, Brazil)

A. sp. Parati

A sp. Xingu III

A. sp. Paje

A 40

A 41

L. Rio Xingu (Vitoria do Xingu to Altamira, Brazil)

A. sp. Peixoto

A. sp. Rio Peixoto-Azevedo; A. sp. Serpa

A 39

Rio Peixoto de Azevedo (U. Rio São Manuel ou Teles-Peres, Brazil)

A. sp. Xingu


     A. cf. sp. Xingu (Gold Nugget)

     A. sp. aff. Peixoto

     A. sp. Vielfleck/Multi-spot

A. sp. Rio Xingu [Stawikowski]; A. sp. Xingu (Red-lobes)


A.  sp. aff. Peixoto (Purus)

A. sp. Amapa Guttata; A. sp. Brazil-Guttata; A. sp. Pineapple; A. sp. Samaúma; A. Sp. Assurini

A 37


A 37a


A 38

L. Rio Xingu (near Altamira, Brazil)


L. Rio Xingu (Brazil)

Reportedly from the Rio Purus, but probably from the Rio Xingu

L. Rio Xingu (Altamira) & Rio Tucurui do Xingu (Vitoria, Brazil)





A. resticulosa

     A. cf. resticulosa (Nathaneal)


A 12

A 14

U. Rio Madeira (Humaitá, Brazil

Rio Maçangana (Near Alto Paraiso, Brazil)

A. cf. resticulosa (Aripuanã)


A 15

Rio Aripuanã near Novo Aripuanã (M. Rio Madeira, Brazil)

A. cf. resticulosa (Humaitá)


A 13

U. Rio Madeira (Humaitá, Brazil)

A. cf. resticulosa (Lagoa Abunã)

A. sp. Lagua  Abunã


Lagoa Abunã (M. Rio Abunã, Plácido de Castro, Brazil)

A. cf. resticulosa (Madeira)


A 17

L. Rio Madeira (Brazil)

A. cf. resticulosa (Mamoré Blue)


     A. cf. resticulosa (Guaporé 1)

A. sp. Malome?; A. sp. aff. taeniata (Römer CA2)

A. sp. Guapore 1

A 16



L. Rio Mamoré (Brazil/Bolivia)


L.-M. Rio Guaporé near Vila Bela (Brazil)

A. cf. resticulosa (Río Beni)



L. Río Beni near Riberalta, Bolivia

A. taeniata

     A. cf. taeniata 1 (Curuá)

     A. cf. taeniata 1 (Curuá-Una)

     A. cf. taeniata 1 (Prainha)

 A. cf. taeniata 1 (Tapajós)

     A. cf. taeniata 1 (Xingu)



A. sp. Rio Iriri?




A 1

A 7

A 6

A 8

A 2

A 9

Rio Cupari (L. Rio Tapajós, Brazil)

Rio Curuá (Brazil)

L. Rio Curuá-Una (Brazil)

Prainha, (Brazil)

L. Rio Tapajós (Brazil)

L. Rio Xingu (Brazil

A. cf. taeniata 2 (Igarapé Açu)


     A. cf. taeniata 2 (Arapiuns)

     A. cf. taeniata 2 (Blauglanz/Blue-sheen)

A. cf. taeniata 2 (Mayland & Bork)


     A. cf. taeniata  2 (Óbidos) 

?A. cf. taeniata (Alenquer) =A. sp. Alenquer?



?=A. cf. taeniata (Igarapé Açu)

    w/immaculate caudal

A 4


A 3

A 10

A 4?


A 5 

M. Amazon between Manaus & Santarém (Brazil)

Rio Arapiuns (L. Rio Tapajós, Brazil)

Middle Amazon (Brazil)

L. Amazon (Brazil)


Near Óbido (Brazil)

A. sp. Wangenflecken/Cheek-spots


A 11

Ilha de Marajó (Brazil)





A. pleurotaenia


A 33

Rio Paraguay (Paraguay? Argentina?)

A. rubrolineata (Bolivia)

     A. rubrolineata (Peru)

A. sp. Beni

A. sp. Manu

A 18

A 19

Rio Beni system (Bolivia)

Rio Manuripe (Peru)/

A. urteagai


A 35

Rio Madre de Dios (SE Peru & SW Brazil)

A. sp. Mosaik/Mosaic


A 34

Peru import; no precise location

A. sp. Puerto Maldonado



Rio Madre de Dio (NE of Puerto Maldonado, Peru)



resticulosa / caetei-Complex?


A. sp. Paru


A 25

Rio Paru above the Cachoeira Parnagua (Brazil)

A. sp. Blaukopf/Blue-head

A. sp. New Blue; A. sp. Steel-blue


resticulosa X caetei - Domestic Hybrid?





A. commbrae

     A. cf. commbrae (Salto)




A 93


U. & M. Rio Paraguay (Paraguay & Brazil)

Rio Uruguay (near Salto, Uruguay)

A. inconspicua (Bolivia)

         A. cf.  inconspicua (Brazil)

     A. sp. aff. similis



?= A. inconspicua?

A 96

A 97


U. Rio Paraguai (Brazil); U. Rio Guaporé (Brazil/Bolivia)

U. Rio Guaporé (Brazil)

Rio Itonamas & San Martín (Bolivia)

A. linkei (Type/Santa Cruz)

     A. linkei (Rio Itonamas)

A. sp. Gelbbrust/Yellow-breast

A 99

A 98

Rio Mamoré & Rio San Miguel (Bolivia)

Rio Itonamas (Guaporé system) (Bolivia)

A. similis

A. sp.Goldlippe/Gold-lips

A 95

Laguna La Brava, Rio Yata system (Bolivia)

A. sp. Mariae



commbrae x ? Hybrid Domestic Form




Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis


A 100

M. - L. Rio Ucayali (Peru) to U. Rio Amazonas (Peru & Colombia)





A. acrensis

A. sp. Rio Branco;  A. sp. Rio Acre

A 63

Rio Acre (near Rio Branco, Brazil)

A. geisleri

     A. geisleri (Parintins)

     A. geisleri (Smaragd/Emerald)


A 58

A 60

A 59

Rio Curuçambá & L. Rio Tapajós (Brazil)

Rio Parintins (L. Amazon, Brazil)

L. Amazon (NW of Santarém, Brazil)

A. cf. geisleri (Brazil)

A. sp. Brazil

A 61

L. Amazon?

A. ortmanni

    A. cf. ortmanni (aquarium import)

     A. cf. ortmanni (Rupununi River)


A 46

A 48

A 47

Guyana & Western Surinam

Aquarium import (Guyana)

Rupununi River (Guyana

     A. cf. ortmanni (Río Cuyuni)



A 49

Cuyuni River & Tumeremo Reservoir

(Eastern Venezuela)

A. regani


A 55

L. Rio Negro; M. Amazon (Brazil)

A. cf. regani (Trombetas)


A 56

Igarapé São Miguel, Rio Trombetas (Brazil)

A. sp. Barcelos

?A. sp Solimões

A 57

M. Rio Negro (Barcelos, Brazil), ?L. Solimões

A. sp. Gelbwangen/Yellow-cheeks


     A. cf. sp. Gelbwangen/Yellow-cheeks

A. sp. Rio Solimões; A. sp. Prahina

A. sp. Sichelbinden/Sickle-bands (Aqualog Extra)

A 62



M. – L. Amazon (between Manaus & Prainha, Brazil)

Unknown, ?M. – L. Amazon (Brazil)

A. sp. Masken/Masked



     A. cf. Masken/Masked (Esperanza)

A. sp. Apache; Carapintada (in part); Peru (II); A. cf. regani (Belem)

A. sp. Peru-regani = less colorful population of A. sp. Masken

A 52

M. Rio Ucayali (Contamaná, Peru)



L. Río Ucayali

A. cf. sp. Masken/Masked (Juruá)

A. sp. Eirunepé


M. Rio Juruá (Eirunepé, Brazil)

A. sp. Rotporen/Red-pores

A. sp. Amapá Bitter I; CA 96 Amapa

A 54

Near Lourenço, Amapá, Brazil

A. sp. São Gabriel

A. .sp. Alto Negro; A. sp. Tiquié Regani?

A 53

U. Rio Negro near São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil

A. sp. Kuiari

= A. sp. São Gabriel?


U. Rio Içana (Brazil?/Colombia)





A. sp. Winkelfleck/Angle-spot 1

A. sp. Carapintada (in part); Winkelfleck (light); Tiger Stripes

A 44

L. Rio Marañón (Nauta, Peru)

A. sp. Winkelfleck/Angle-spot 2

A. sp. Oroja; Winkelfleck (dark)

A 45

Southern tributaries of the Amazon between Rio Orosa and Río Yavarí (Peru)



regani / eunotus-Complex?


A. gossei


    A. cf. gossei


A 50


A 51

Rio Oyapock/Oiapoque (Brazil/French Guiana)

French Guiana

A. moae


A 72

Rio Moa (U. Rio Juruá, Brazil)

A. sp. Amapá (Rio Amapá Grande)

    A. sp. Amapá (Fortaleza)

    A. sp. Amapá (Rio Araguari)

    A. sp. Amapá (Rio Caçiporé)

    A. sp. Amapá (Rio Calçoene)

    A. sp. Amapá (Rio Macari)


A.  sp. "Fortaleza" (Aqualog Extra)


A 68


A 67

A 71

A 70

A 69

Rio Amapá Grande, Amapá State (Brazil)

Near Fortaleza, Amapá, Brazil

Rio Araguari, Amapá State (Brazil)

Rio Caçiporé, Amapá State (Brazil)

Rio Calçoene, Amapá State (Brazil)

Rio Macari, Amapá State (Brazil)

A. sp. Rio Candeias


A 64

Rio Candeias (U. Rio Madeira, Brazil)

A. sp. Rio Jaru


A 65

Rio Jaru (U. Rio Madeira, Brazil)

A. sp. Xipamanu


A 66

Rio Xipamanu/Chipamanu (U. Rio Abunã, Brazil)






A. cinilabra

A. sp. Schwarzbrust/Black-breast; A. sp. 2000-1(Panduro); Roter/Roterpunkt/Redder-spot;

Doña Martina

A 80

Between L. Río Marañon & Río Itaya (Peru)

A. eunotus


      A. cf. eunotus (Shahuaya)




A 73

M. Rio Ucayali (Peru); Rio Amazonas? (Peru); U. Rio Solimões? (Brazil)

Rio Shahuaya (near Pucallpa, Peru)

A. cf. eunotus (Orangebauch/Orange-belly)


A 76

L. Rio Ucayali (between Nauta & Iquitos, Peru)

A. cf. eunotus (Orangeschwanz/Orange-tail)


    A. cf. eunotus (Santa Ana)

A. sp. Willy (in trade, not same as Aqualog); A. sp. Orange; A. sp. Red & Brown; A. sp. Rummy Nose; A. sp. Red Cruzi; A. sp. Paracas, A. sp. Jumbo

A 75


A 74

L. Rio Ucayali (Peru)


L. Río Ucayali (near Santa Ana, Peru)

A. cf. eunotus (Río Huallaga)



Río Huallaga (near Tarapoto, Peru)

A. cf. eunotus (Schwanzstreifen/Tail-stripes)

A. sp. aff. eunotus (Koslowski); A. sp. Albertini

A 77

L. Ucayali (Peru)?

A cf. eunotus (Huanta)



L. Río Orosa near Huanta (Peru

A. cf. eunotus (Shishita)

A. sp. Blue?


M. Río Shishita (Peru)

A. sp. Nadelstreifen/Needle-stripes


A 78

Rio Amazonas (near Leticia, Colombia)

A. sp. Spaltenfleck/Split-spot



Unknown; exported from Peru

A. sp. Tahuayo

A. eunotus (Chang, 1996); (Römer, 1998 & 2000 in part)

A 79

Rio Tahuayo (L. Ucayali, Peru)

A. sp. Río Tapiche



U. Río Tapiche (Peru)






A. cruzi

A. sp. Parallelstreifen/Parallel-striped

A 83

Rio Mazán (L. Rio Napo, Peru)

A. sp. aff. cruzi (Picuruyacu)

??A. sp. Nanay??


Lakes beside the Río Picurayacu (Iquitos, Peru)

A. sp. Caquetá


A 84

Río Caquetá (Colombia); Ecuador

A. sp. Galaxis

? = A. sp. Nanay (Melgar)

? = A. sp. Putumayo


Río Amazonas near Iquitos (Peru)

Commercially used for several species

A. sp. Nanay (Melgar)


     A. sp. Orangestreifen/Orange-stripes

A. sp. Melgar; A. sp. Bleeding/ Bleeding-heart; A. sp. Makurde; A. sp. Willy (Aqualog)

A 82


A 81

Rio Nanay (Peru)


Rio Nanay? (Peru)

A. sp. Napo 3



M. Rio Napo (Peru)

A. sp. Putumayo (Algodon II)

        A. sp. Putumayo (Río Ampiyacu)

A. sp. Algodon II; A. sp. San Juan

A. sp. Parallel-stripes in Linke & Staeck

A 85

A 86

Rio Algodon (Rio Putumayo, Peru)

Rio Ampiyacu (Peru)






A. sp. Napo 1



M. Rio Napo (Peru)






A. sp. Papagei/Parrot



    A. sp. Papagei/Parrot (w/caudal patch)

A. sp. Algodon I; A. sp. Galaxis; A. sp. Algunas; A. s. Nanay (Römer); A. sp. Papagallo; A. sp. Frank; A. sp. Larinus II; A. sp. Larrini

A 91



A 92

Quebrada. Paucaryacu, Río Ampiyacu (Peru)


Unknown (Peru)

A. sp. Pebas

 A. sp.
Pebas (Morado/Purple)

    A. sp. Pebas (Naronha)

    A. sp. Pebas (w/caudal patch)

A. sp. Ampiyacu; Dolly; Big-foot

A. sp. Morado

A 87

A 89

A 88

A 90

Río Ampiyacu (Pebas, Peru)

Río Ampiyacu (Pebas, Peru)

Río Ampiyacu (Pebas, Peru)

Río Ampiyacu (Pebas, Peru)

A. sp. Roca Eterna



Not disclosed; river between Orán and Pebas, (Peru)





A. borellii (type)


    A. cf. borellii (Bolivia)

    A. cf. borellii (Opal/Opalita)


    A. cf. borellii (Paraguay)


    A. cf. Borellii (Río Uruguai)

A. aequipinnis; A. reitzigi; A. ritense, A. rondoni


A. sp. Opal/Opalita


Paraguay II?

A 101


A 102

A 105


A 103


A 104

M.-U. Río Paraguay (Brazil, Paraguay, N. Argentina); Mato Groso (Brazil, Bolivia)

Mato Groso (Brazil, Bolivia)

Río Paraguay (Brazil, Paraguay, N. Argentina); Mato Groso (Brazil, Bolivia)

M.-U. Río Paraguay (Paraguay)

M.-U. Rio Uruguai (Brazil, Uruguay)

A. sp. Paraguay III

?=A. borellii


L. Rio Paraguay? (N. Argentina)?





A. alacrina (Holotype form)

    A. alacrina (Ortugueza) (Paratype form)


A. sp. Rotpunkt (Ortegueza);

A. sp. Montañita; Red-point I; Caquetá 1


A 107

Rio Ariari (Rio Guaviare, Colombia)

Río Ortegueza (Río Caquetá, Colombia)

A. cf. alacrina (Guayas)

?= A. alacrina?; A. sp. Rotpunkt (Guayas); A. sp. Florencia; Red-point II; Caquetá 2

A 108

Rio Guayas (U. Rio Caquetá, Colombia)

A. cf. alacrina (Rotpunkt)

A. sp. Schwarzsaum/Black-rimmed; A. sp. Puerto Nariño;  A. sp. Blue-cheek; A. weisei

A 106

U. Rio Caquetá (Colombia)

A. cf. alacrina (Tena)



Tributaries of the Río Napo near Tena, Ecuador

A. sp. Mitú

A. sp. Rio Vaupés

A 109

Rio Vaupés (Mitú, Colombia)






A. hongsloi (Rotstrich/Red-streak)


    A. cf. hongsloi (Grau/Gray)

A. sp. Rotstrich/Red-streak


Similar to life colors of the holotype

A 110



L. Río Vichada, Guaviare, & Meta (Colombia & Venezuela)


A. cf. hongsloi (Capanaparo)


A 111

Río Capanaparo; ?Río Suapore, (Venezuela)

A. cf. hongsloi (Cataniapo)


    A. cf. hongsloi (Maripa)

A. hongsloi (Río Cataniapo)

A 113


A 114

Río Cataniapo (Venezuela) (east of Porto Ayacucho, Colombia)

L. Río Caura (near Maripa); ?(near Las Guabinas) (Venezuela)

A. cf. hongsloi (Gold-orange)

A. hongsloi (Orangegelb/Orange-yellow); A. pleurotaenia (mis-ID)

A 115

?Río Claro?; Cinaruco? (Venezuela)

A. cf. hongsloi (Río Claro)


A 112

Río Claro (Venezuela)





A. guttata


    A. sp. Hochflossen/High-finned

A. sp. Hochflossen/High-finned?

A. reitzigi (mis-ID)

A 126



Rio Morichal Largo (Orinoco delta, Venezuela)

Unknown; Venezuela?

A. hoignei

    A. hoignei (Broad Red Caudal Stripes)

    A. hoignei (Río Arauca)

    A. hoignei (Tinaquillo)



A. sp. Tamé


A 116

A 118

A 117

A 116

L. - M. Río Orinoco (Venezuela)

?Río Portuguesa, Venezuela

Río Tamé (U. Río Arauca, Colombia)

near Tinaquillo (Venezuela)

A. macmasteri (wild yellow)


    A. macmasteri (Rotrücken/Red Shouldered Mac)

A. sp. "Giant Yellow"; A. sp. "Red & Yellow"

“A. ornatipinnis” (mis-ID); A. sp. "Red & Blue"; A. sp. Canoga Park; A. sp. Flame; A. sp. "Meteor"

A 120


A 121

U. Río Meta (Colombia)


U. Río Meta (Colombia)

A. cf. macmasteri/viejita (wild)

?wild hybrid?

A 122

imported from Colombia

A. viejita

A. sp. Rotsaum/Red-edge & A. viejita Color Form I

A 123

U. Rio Meta (Puerto Gaitan, Colombia)

A. sp. Caura


A 119

Rio Caura (L. Rio Orinoco, Venezuela)

A. sp. Nana




A. sp. Schuppenfleck/Scale-spot



L. Orinoco, Colombia? Venezuela? (possible hybrid)

A. sp. Schwarzkehl/Black-throat


    A. sp. Schwarzkehl/Black-throat (Rotflecken/Red-flecked)

‘A. viejita’ Color Form III


‘A. viejita’ Color Form II; A. sp. Rotflecken/Red-flecked

A 124


A 125


U. Rio Manacacias, Muco, & Guarrojo (U. Rio Orinoco, Colombia)

A. sp. Zickzack/Zigzag

A. sp. Kolumbien

A 127








A. hippolytae


    A. cf. hippolytae (Rio Tefé)

A. sp. Zweipunkt/Two-spot

A 134


A 135

M. & L. Rio Negro; Rio Manacapuru (Brazil)

Rio Tefé (Brazil)

A. cf. hippolytae (Rio Trombetas)


A 133

M. Rio Trombetas (Brazil)

A. rupununi


     A. cf. rupununi (Boa Vista)


     A. cf. rupununi (Rio Anauá)

A.ortmanni rupununi; A. sp. Zwekfleck/Two-patch

A 130


A 131


A 132

Guyana; Rio Branco (Brazil)


U. Rio Branco (Brazil)


Rio Anauá (M. Rio Branco, Brazil)

A. steindachneri

A. ornatipinnis; A. wickleri; A. ortmanni (misidentification)

A 138

Guyana; Surinam

A. cf. steindachneri (Río Cuyuni)


A 139

Río Cuyuni (Venezuela)

A. sp. Rio Preto (do Candeias)

A. sp. Rio Preto de Candeias

A 136

Rio Preto do Candeias (U. Rio Madeira, Brazil)

A. sp. Rupununi-Savanne


A 137

U. Essequibo River (Guyana); U. Rio Branco (Brazil)



Apistogramma wapisana


A. wapisana

A. sp. Balzfleck/Courting-patch

A 140

Rio Uraricuera (U. Rio Branco), near Barcelos (M. Rio Negro, Brazil)






A. angayuara

A. sp. Trombetas 1; ?A. sp. Kupferrücken/Copper-backed

A 145

M. Rio Trombetas near Porteiras (Brazil)

A. inornata


    A. cf. inornata (Guariquito)

A. sp. Maniapuré; A. sp. Piacoa

A. sp. Guariquito

A 142


A 143

Rio Maniapuré; Rio Tiquiré; Piacoa (Venezuela)

 Rio Guariquito (M. Rio Orinoco, Venezuela)

A. meinkeni


     A. sp. aff meinkeni


A 144



M. Rio Uaupés (Brazil)


?M. Rio Negro (Brazil)

A. pertensis


    A. cf. pertensis (Preto do Unini)

A. sp. Rusty


A. pertensis (Römer)

A 146



U? - L. Rio Negro; M. Amazon? (Brazil)


Rio Preto do Unini (M. Rio Negro, Brazil)

A. cf. pertensis



    A. cf. pertensis (Arapiuns)


    A. cf. pertensis (Japurá)


    A. cf. pertensis (Lower Negro)


     A. cf. pertensis (Pimental)


    A. cf. pertensis (sp. aff. “meinkeni”)


    A. cf. pertensis (Tefé)


    A. cf. pertensis (Tromebtas)

A. meinkeni (mis-ID); A. cf. meinkeni




A. pertensis (mis-ID)


A. pertensis (mis-ID)


A. sp. Pimental


A. sp. aff. “meinkeni” (Römer CA2)








A 149




A 147


A 150




A 148


A 152

Tributaries of the Solimões/Amazon between the Rio Japurá and Rio Tapajós (Brazil)

L. Rio Arapiuns (Brazil)


L. Rio Japurá (Brazil)


L. Rio Negro (Brazil)


Rio Pimental (L. Rio Tapajós, Brazil)


M. Rio Negro? (Brazil)


L. Rio Tefé (Brazil)


L. Rio Trombetas (Brazil)

A. cf. pertensis (Orangesaum/Orange-rimmed)

A. sp. Orangesaum/Orange-rimmed

A 151

U. Río Orinoco (Venezuela, Colombia?); Río Ventuari (Guachapana, Venezuela)

A. sp. Erdfresser/Earth-eater


    A. cf. sp. Erdfresser/Earth-eater (w/lateral spot)

A. sp. Lyretail Purus; A. sp. Rondonia; A. pulchra (mis-ID)

A 154


A 155

U.-L. Rio Purus; Lago Manacapuru (Brazil)

U.-L. Rio Purus (Brazil)

A. sp. Schwanzzipfel/Tail-point

A. cf. pertensis Upper Negro Lancetail

A 153

U. Rio Negro (Brazil)

A. sp. Weißsaum/White-rimmed

A. sp. Minima

A 141

U. - M. Orinoco (Venezuela)





A. velifera

A. sp. Vierstreifen/Four-stripes; ?A. sp. Ventuari 1

A 163

M. Rio Orinoco (Venezuela) to M. Uaupés? (Brazil)

A. sp. Putzer/Cleaner

A. sp. São Gabriel Lyretail; San Gabriel

A 162

U. Rio Negro (São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil))





A. iniridae


    A. cf. iniridae (w/red gill cover markings)

A. sp. Fladenflossen/Thread-fin

A 159


A 160

L. Rio Inirida (L. Rio Guaviare, Colombia)


U. Orinoco (Colombia)

A. uaupesi




    A. uaupesi (w/red gill cover markings)

A. sp. Rotkeil/Red-wedge; A. sp. Arica; A. sp. Ararira; A. sp. Felsen/Rock; A. sp. Ventuari 2

A 156

Rio Uaupés/Vaupes (Brazil/Colombia)



Río Vaupés (Colombia)

A. sp. Blutkehl/Cutthroat


A 157

Rio Atabapo; L. Rio Inirida; L. Rio Guaviare (Colombia)

A. sp. Içana


A 161

Rio Içana (U. Rio Negro, Brazil)

A. sp. Segelflossen/Sail-fin


A 158

M. Rio Orinoco (Venezuela)






Apistogramma arua


A. arua

A. sp. Aruã

A 170

Rio Arapiuns (L. Rio Tapajós, Brazil)





A. brevis


A 168

Rio Uaupés (Brazil)

A. personata

        A. cf. personata


A. personata Mitú

A 171

A 172

M. & U. Rio Uaupés/Vaupés (Brazil/Colombia)

Rio Vaupés (Mitú, Colombia)

A. sp. Breitbinden/Broad-banded (Venezuela)

    A. cf. sp. Breitbinden (Staeck)

A. sp. Caño Morrocoy

A 164

A 167

U. Rio Negro (Brazil); U. Rio Orinoco (Colombia, Venezuela)

?Rio Negro (Brazil)

A. cf. sp. Breitbinden (Kurzlappen/Short-lappets)

A. brevis (mis-ID)

A 166

Río Río Atabapo, Río Vaupés?(Colombia)

A. cf. sp. Breitbinden (Rio Negro)

A. sp. Windisch; A. sp. (São Gabriel); A sp. Tail-spot

A 165

U. Rio Negro near São Gabriel da Cachoeira (Brazil)

A. sp. Tiquié

A. sp. Tiquié 1

A 169

Rio Tiquié (M. Rio Uaupes, Brazil)


A.-brevis / cacatuoides-Group?


A. salpinction


     A. cf. salpinction

A. sp. Upper Trombetas; A. sp. Trombetas 2


A 173



U. Rio Trombetas (Brazil)


Near Itapeaçu near mouth of Rio Madeira (Brazil)

A. sp. Doppelfleck/Double-spot


A 192

Rio Iriri? Rio Negro (Brazil)





A. baenschi

A. sp. Inka/Inca; A. sp. Inka 50; A. sp. Hifin “Nijsseni”(1)

A 188

M. Rio Huallaga (between Tarapoto & Yurimaguas, Peru)

A. martini

A. sp. Leierschwanz; A. sp. Gabelschwanz II – Blue

A 187

U. Rio Nanay (Peru)

A. nijsseni


A 180

Rio Tahuayo (L. Rio Ucayali, Peru)

A. panduro


    A. cf. panduro (striped tail/long caudal spot)

    A. cf. panduro (striped tail/red dorsal blotch)

A. sp. Pandurini & A. sp. Blue-sky

A 183


A 184


A 185

Rio Tahuayo (L. Rio Ucayali, Peru)


Río Tamshiyacu (L. Río Ucayali)


Río Tamshiyacu (L. Río Ucayali)?

A. pantalone

A. sp. Lyretail "Panduro"; Leierschwanz, Gabelschwanz Color Form I – Yellow, Peru (3)

A 186

U. Rio Nanay (Peru)

A. payaminonis


    A. cf. payaminonis (Kästner)


A 179


A 178

U. Rio Napo (Ecuador); U Rio Aguarico (Equador/Colombia)

Undisclosed, Peru/Ecuador border

A. rositae

A. sp. Harlekin/Harlequin; A. sp. Urias; A. sp. Hifin “Panduro”; A. sp. Black-triangle

A 189

L. Rio Marañon & mouth of Rio Huallaga (Peru)

A. sp. Nijsseni-New



Undisclosed, possibly Río Galvez; exported from Peru

A. sp. Oregon

A. sp. Jav

A 182

Middle Río Itaya (Peru)

A. sp. Zwilling/Twin

A. sp. Hifin “Nijsseni” (2); A. cf. payaminonis (Melgar)

A 181

U. Río Nanay, M. Río Tigre (Peru)





A. cacatuoides


     A. cf. cacatuoides (Río Manacapuru)

     A. cf. cacatuoides (Río Putumayo)

     A. cf. cacatuoides (Río Juruá)

Großmaul Apisto; Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid; A. borellii (mis-ID)

A 200


A 203


A 202


A 201

Rio Ucayali & Amazonas (Peru); Rio Solimões (Brazil)

Rio Manacapuru (Brazil)


Rio Putumayo (Peru/Colombia/?Brazil?); Rio Algodon (Peru) 

Rio Juruá (Brazil)

A. juruensis


A 197

U. Rio Juruá (Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil)

A. luelingi


     A. cf. luelingi (Puerto Maldonado)


A 195


A 196

Rio Madre de Dios (Peru/Bolivia); U. Rio Mamoré (Bolivia)

Puerto Maldonado (Peru)

A. staecki

A. sp. Querstreifen/Vertical-striped

A 194

L. Rio Mamoré (Bolivia & Brazil)

A. cf. staecki Guaporé

A. sp. Rio Guaporé

A 193

L. Rio Guaporé (Bolivia & Brazil)

A. sp. Cruzeiro

A. sp. Goias Redtail; A. sp. Juruá; A. sp. Juruá Emearald


Rio Juruá (Pernambuco, Brazil)

A. sp. Jutai New 2



Leticia (Colombia)

A. sp. Schwarzkinn/Black-chin (Blue)


     A. sp. Schwarzkinn/Black-chin (Yellow)

A. juruensis (mis-ID); A. sp. aff. juruensis; A. sp. Pucallpa; A. sp. Fanta

A 198


A 199

M. Rio Ucayali: ?Pucallpa? (Peru)




A. norberti

A. sp. Großmaul/Big-mouth

A 190

Rio Tahuayo (L. Rio Ucayali, Peru)






A. atahualpa



     A. cf. atahualpa (w/tail spots)

A. sp. affin. payaminonis; A. sp. Sunset/Sunset-“Norberti”; A. sp. Goldbauch/Gold-belly


A. sp. aff. atahualpa (Melgar) (w/tail spots)

A 175


A 176

Rio Nanay (Llanchama, Peru)



Rio Nanay (Peru)

A. huascar


     A. cf. huascar (Christoffersen)

A. cf. atahualpa (Schwanzzipfel/ Tail-points); A. sp. Sun-pin; A. sp. Sunrise

A 177



Río Nanay (Peru)


Río Galvez (Peru)

A. cf. huascar (Aleman)



U. Río Tapiche (Peru)





A. barlowi

A. sp. Maulbrüter/Mouthbrooder; Brustband/Breast-band; Glaser; Red-face; Half Orange Tail

A 174

Rio Ampiyacu; L. Rio Juruá? (Peru)

A. sp. Kelleri

A. sp. Leticia; Jutai I; A. sp. Diamond Face



Leticia, (Colombia)





A. trifasciata




    A. trifasciatus maciliense


A. cf. trifasciata (Argentina)

A. cf. trifasciata (Northern Pantanal)


    A. cf. trifasciata (Rio Guaporé)





A. trifasciata haroldschultzi; A. maciliensis







A 204-206







A 205


A 204


A 206

Río Paraguay (Brazil, Paraguay, & Argentina); U. & M. Rio Guaporé (Brazil & Bolivia); Río Beni (Bolivia)


Lakes in the M. Rio Guaporé (Bolivia & Brazil)

L. Río Paraguay (Argentina)


U. Rio Paraguai (Brazil)


U. & M. Rio Guaporé (Brazil & Bolivia)

A. erythrura

A. sp. Mamoré;. maciliensis (mis-ID)

A 207

M. & L. Guaporé (Bolivia & Brazil); L. Mamoré (Brazil)







A. elizabethae



    A. cf. elizabethae

A. sp. Rußkopf/Sooty-head; A. sp. Frank?


A. elizabethae w/damaged dorsal fin?

A 208

Rio Uaupés/Vaupés (Brazil/Colombia); Rio Içana (Brazil)


Rio Negro (Brazil)?





A. gibbiceps


A 209

M. Rio Negro & Rio Branco (Brazil)

A. roraimae


A 210

Rio Uraricoera & U. Rio Branco above Boa Vista (Brazil/Guyana)






A. bitaeniata (Brazilian Color Form)


     A. bitaeniata (Careiro)



 A. bitaeniata (Curuaí)



     A. bitaeniata (Curupira)


     A. bitaeniata (Juruá)


     A. bitaeniata (Madeira/Autazes)


     A. bitaeniata (Mamori)


     A. cf. bitaeniata (Manacapuru)



     A. bitaeniata (Manaquiri)



     A. cf.  bitaeniata (Rio Tefé)


A. bitaeniata (Peruvian Color Form)


     A. bitaeniata (Curutu)


     A. bitaeniata (Leticia)



     A. bitaeniata (Momón)


     A. cf. bitaeniata (Nanay)


     A. bitaeniata (Pastaza)


     A. bitaeniata (Putumayo)


     A. bitaeniata (Requena)



     A. bitaeniata (Shishita)


     A. bitaeniata (Shushupi)


     A. bitaeniata (Tigre)

A.klausewitzi; A. kleei














A. bitaeniata (Mamuri)

A. bitaeniata (Januari);

A. bitaeniata (Manaus)










A. sweglesi?


















A 215
















A 214






A 213











A 211














Rio Tefé  to mouth of Rio Tapajós (Brazil)

Right bank (south) tributaries of the Amazon around Careiro da Várzea (Brazil)

Right bank (south) tributaries of the Amazon around Curuaí, (Brazil)

Igarape Curupira (L. Rio Cunauaru, Brazil) 

L. Rio Juruá (Brazil)


Near Autazes (L. Madeira, Brazil)


Rio Mamori (L. Madeira, Brazil)


Rio Manacapuru Rio (Brazil)



Right bank (south) tributaries of the Amazon near Manaquiri (Brazil)


Rio Tefé (Brazil)


Río Amazonas (Peru)


Río Curutu (Río Pavayacu, Peru)


Tributaries of the Amazon near Leticia (Colombia)


L. Río Momón (Peru)


L. Río Nanay (Peru)


L. Río Pastaza; M. Río Marañón (Peru)

Tributaries of M. Río Putumayo (Peru)  

Tributaries of L. Río Ucayali around Requena (Peru)


M. Río Shishita; M Río Ampyacu (Peru)


M. Río Ampiyacu (Peru)


L. Río Tigre (Peru)

A. cf. bitaeniata (Yavari)


A 212

L. Rio Yavari (Brazil/Peru)

A. sp. aff. bitaeniata (Porto Velho)


A 216

Rio Madeira? (Exported from Porto Velho, Brazil)

A. eremnopyge

A. sp. Fresa/Strawberry; A. sp. Diamente; A. sp. Rotbart/Red-beard; A. sp. Tapiche

A 218

Rio Itaya (Peru)

A. sp. Caño de la Libertad



Caño de la Libertad and nearby streams, Río Apaporis (Colombia)

A. sp. Orangeflossen/Orangefins


A 217

domestic hybrid

bitaeniata x paucisquamis-complex?





A. mendezi (Cross-striped)



    A. mendezi (Long-stripes)




    A. mendezi (Orange)




A. sp. Langsstreifen/Long-striped

A 221



A 220




A 222

Right side tributaries of M. & U. Rio Negro (Barcelos to São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil)  

Left side tributaries of M. & U. Rio Negro (Barcelos to São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil)


Rio Negro (Brazil)

A. paucisquamis

A. sp. Glanzbinden/Shiny-banded

A 219

M. & L. Rio Negro (Brazil)

A. sp. Gabelband/Fork-band

A. agassizii (Gabelband/Fork-band)


M. Rio Jaú (Rio Negro System, Brazil)

A. sp. Miuá

A. sp. Rio Uambé & A. sp. Rio Mabó

A 223

U. Rio Negro (Igarapé Miuá, Uambé, & Mabóm, São Gabriel, Brazil)






A. pulchra


    A. cf. pulchra “Aripuanã”


    A. cf. pulchra “Chingarno”

A. sp. Mikschofsky


A. sp. Aripuanã


A. sp. Chingarno

A 224


A 225


A 225a

U. Rio Madeira (Brazil)


Rio Aripuanã (Rio Madeira) (Brazil)


Rio Chingarno (L. Rio Madeira) (Brazil)

A. sp. Abacaxis


    A. cf. sp. Abacaxis (Marimari)

A. sp. Wilhelmi, A. cf. pulchra (Abacaxis)


A. cf. pulchra (Marimari); A. sp. New Chingarno

A 227


A 228

M. Rio Abacaxis (L. Rio Madeira, Brazil)


Rio Marimari (L. Rio Madeira) (Brazil)

A. sp.  Branco



    A. cf. sp. Branco (Uatumã)

A. cf. pulchra (Branco); A. sp. “Branco-Pulchra”


A. cf. pulchra (Uatumã); A. sp.

Deep Red

A 226




Rio Cauamé (U.Rio Branco near Boa Vista) (Brazil)


Rio Uatumã (E. of Manaus, Brazil)





A. agassizii (Type)



    A. agassizii (Japurá)


    A. agassizii (Juruá)


    A. agassizii (Leticia)


    A. agassizii (Putumayo)


   A. agassizii (Red)


    A. agassizii (Tamshiyacu)


    A. agassizii (Tefé)


    A. agassizii (Tigre)


    A. agassizii (Yavari)








A. agassizii (Tabatinga)







A. cf. agassizii (Butterfly)







A 234











A 234









U. Río Amazonas (Peru) to L. Rio Solimões (Brazil)


L. Rio Japurá (M. Solomões, Brazil 

L. Rio Juruá (Brazil

Tributaries of Amazon near Leticia (Colombia) 

M. Río Putumayo (Peru

Río Nanay, Supay, Ampiyacu, Maniti, L Negro (Peru & Brazil) 

L. Río Tamshiyacu (Peru)


L. Rio Tefé (Brazil)


L. Río Tigre (Peru)


Río Yavari (Peru)

A. cf. agassizii (Ampiyacu)


A 241

Río Ampiyacu (Peru)

A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam)


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam) – Apeú


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black CaudalSeam) – Careiro


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam) – Curuaí


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam) – Itaituba


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Edge) Lagoa Janauacá


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black CaudalSeam) - Madeira



    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam) – Manaquiri


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam) – Tapajós


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam) Tapajós Rotrücken/Red-back


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam) –Tocantins


    A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Seam) – Xingu

?A. parva?


A. agassizii (Rio Apeú)





= A. cf. agassizii (Tapajós)?



= A. cf. agassizii (Tapajós)?




Gold Agassizii; A. cf. agassizii (Porto Velho); A. agassizii (Nova Olinda); A. agassizii (Rondonia)


A. cf. gephyra (Manaquiri)


A. agassizii (Lake Santarém); A. agassizii (Óbidos)




A. agassizii (Belém); A. agassizii (Tucurui); A. agassizii Gold-line














A 240






A 236







Right bank (south) tributaries of the Amazon between Manaus & Belém (Brazil)

Rio Apeú (Brazil)


Right bank (south) tributaries of the Amazon around Careiro da Várzea (Brazil)


Right bank (south) tributaries of the Amazon around Curuaí, (Brazil)


Rio Tapajós near Itaituba (Brazil)

Small streams entering Lagoa Janauacá (Brazil)


M. & L. Rio Madeira (Porto VelhoManicoré, Brazil)


Right bank (south) tributaries of the Amazon near Manaquiri (Brazil)


Igarapé Açu, Lago Jacundá (L. Rio Tapajós, Brazil

L. Rio Tapajós, Brazil


L. Rio Tocantins (Brazil)



L. Rio Xingu (Brazil)

A. cf. agassizii (Marañon)


A 242

Río Marañon (Peru)

A. cf. agassizii (Netz/Net)



     A. cf. agassizii (Netz/Net) - Alenquer


     A. cf. agassizii (Netz/Net) – Januari


     A. cf. agassizii (Netz/Net) - Jari


     A. cf. agassizii (Netz/Net) - Negro



     A. cf. agassizii (Netz/Net) - Nhamundá


     A. cf. agassizii (Netz/Net) -Trombetas


    A. cf. agassizii (Netz/Net) - Urubu










A. agassizii (Caurés), A. agassizii (Janauacá)




A 235 






A 237


Left bank (north) tributaries of the Amazon between Manaus & Rio Jari (Brazil)

Around Alenquer, Brazil 

L. Rio Januari (Brazil)

L. Rio Jari (Brazil)

Rio Negro below mouth of Rio Branco & Rio Caurés (Brazil) 

L. Rio Nhamundá (Brazil)


L. Rio Trombetas (Brazil) 

L. Rio Urubu (Brazil)

A. cf. agassizii (Pastel)


A 239

L. Ucayali (near Requina & Jenaro Herrera,Río Tamshiyacu; Río Tapiche?) (Peru)

A. cf. agassizii (Purus)


A 238

U. Rio Purus (Brazil)

A. gephyra


A 231

M. & L. Rio Negro & M. Amazon (Brazil)

A. cf. gephyra (Rio Curuá)


A 232

Rio Curuá (Brazil)

A. cf. gephyra (Santarém)

A. agassizii Santarem S03336-4 (SAC II)

A 233

?Lago Jurucuí? (Near Santarém, Brazil)?

A. sp. Blauspiegel/Blue-spangle


A. sp. Red-fin Rio Xingu; A. cf. pulchra (Xingu)

A 230

Rio Xingu (near Altamira, Brazil)

A. sp. Tefé

A. cf. agassizii (Tefé)

A 243

Rio Tefé & Lago Catuá (Brazil)

A. sp. Vitória do Xingu

A. sp. Xingu IV

A 229

Rio Xingu (near Vitória do Xingu, Brazil)





A. diplotaenia

A. sp. Doppelband/Double-band

A 128

U. - L. Rio Negro (Brazil), M. Rio Orinoco (Rio Inirida, Venezuela)

A. cf. diplotaenia (Alto Orinoco)


A 129

Río Atabapo (Venezuela)



Affiliation Uncertain


A. amoena

Probably not an Apistogramma


Rio Ampiyacu (U. Rio Amazonas, Peru)

A. parva

?A. cf. agassizii (Broad Black Caudal Edge)? (type specimens too small to be certain)


Rio Capim (Brazil)





“A.” sp. Gigas



U. Rio Curuá (Rio Xingu) (Brazil)





Taeniacara candidi

Apistogramma weisei


Amazon, Rio Tefé to Rio Tapajós & L. Rio Negro (Brazil)