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Apistogramma sp. "Matses"

A. sp. Matses Wild male

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A-number: 0




Distribution and habitat

So far only known from the Río Galvez, between the Río Yavari and the Río Ucayali, Peru.

Pictures from the habitat, where I collected it in October 2011, above.

The water:

pH: 5,4     Conductivity: 6 (!) MicroSiemens/cm     Temperature: 25,7 °C

Water parameters

PH : 4 - 6
ppm : Low!

My Experience

As "easy" to keep as the other members of the A. nijsseni-group. The water must be right, and it should be kept in large tanks because of the potential aggression.

Eat everything I offer them.


Breeds easily when the water is right. In large tanks (from 160 liters) one male breeds with several females, given the opportunity. In slightly smaller tanks, it's best to keep only one bonded pair; other fish might be chased to death.