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Odontocharacidium cf. aphanes

Pair (male in front)

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Weitzman & Kanazawa, 1977

The actual fish is called " - cf. aphanes" because it differs in colors and black markings from "the original".


Klausewitzia aphanes
"Picaflor", "Picaflor red" and "Colibri red" = local names


Distribution and habitat

Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru


I collected this fish in the Rio Shishita-drainage in the Peruvian Amazon, in October 2008.

The water: pH: 5,32,  Conductivity: 21 µS/cm,  T:24,0 °C
(after heavy rain, at the end of the dry season)

Water parameters

PH : 5 - 6
ppm : As low as possible

My Experience

I collected this fish in 2008, and I brought 6 specimens back home.

The males are quite aggressive, and the two males were, in a few weeks, reduced to one.




I keep them in a tank with loads of Java Moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri) and a few Nannostomus marginatus.
They must have spawned (I don't know when or how), as I have seen a few smaller fish (fry).
The group has anyway increased from 2 fishes to at least 9.