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Apistogramma (cf.) alacrina (Orteguaza) {1}

A. cf. alacrina (Orteguaza) - wild male

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A-number: 107


Kullander, S.O. 2004.



Apistogramma alacrina, a new species of cichlid fish (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Colombia.
Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 15: 41-48.
Kullander, S.O. 


A. sp. "Rotpunkt" (Ortuguaza);
A. sp. "Montañita";
A. sp. "Red-point I";
A. sp. "Caquetá 1"
= A. cf. alacrina (Caquetá) 1?

Distribution and habitat

Río Orteguaza drainage (Upper Río Caquetá), Colombia. 

Occurs in several tributaries; There are some slight differences in appearance between fish from the different locations. Compare with A. cf. alacrina (Orteguaza) {2}.

Water parameters

PH : 5-6
ppm : Low

My Experience

Very easy to keep. Not very agressive when several pairs live in the same tank. 


Breeds easily if the surroundings are right.