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Apistogramma ortegai (Papagei) - Holotype form

A sp. "Papagei"

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A-number: 91






Apistogramma sp. "Nanay".
(Römer introduced this fish as A.sp."Nanay". Since it is not found in Rio Nanay, and A. sp. "Nanay" is A-82, a different fish, the use of this name on this species creates confusion.)

Apistogramma sp. "Algodon 1"
Apistogramma sp. "Papagei"

Distribution and habitat

Rio Ampiyacu-drainage, Peru.

I collected this species in the wild in 2006.

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"Collecting Apistogramma sp. "Papagei"

Water parameters

PH : 5 - 6
ppm : 0 - 100

My Experience

The alpha-male will dominate the whole tank. In my tanks, other males are not tolerated close to the ground, and have to hide among floating plants in the upper part of the tank.


Breeds easy in soft water and a pH of 5 - 6 ( up to 7).

Said to be polygamous when given the opportunity, but in my tanks the alpha-male seems to have a favorite female, he spends more time close to that female than with the other females.
Besides; the alpha-female chases other females away and if possible, out of the territory.
Even in a 1 meter long tank, the second female had to hide all the time, and where not able to breed, and in the end she died.