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Apistogramma cinilabra

A. cinilabra . wild male in aquarium

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A-number: 80


Römer, Duponchelle, Diaz, Davilla, Sirvas, Catchay & Renno  2011

Apistogramma cinilabra sp.n.: Description of a potentially
endangered endemic cichlid species (Teleostei: Perciformes: Cichlidae)
from the Departamento Loreto, Peru

Apistogramma-regani-group; Apistogramma-eunotus-complex

(Formerly known as Apistogramma sp. "Schwarzbrust")


Apistogramma sp. "Schwarzbrust"
A. sp. "Rotter"
A. sp. "Roterpunkt"
A. sp. "Rote"

Distribution and habitat

Between Iquitos and Nauta in Peru, Loreto district.

I collected them in October 2006 ( end of the dry season).
The water:  pH: 4,44, Conductivity: 31 µS/cm, Temp: 29,3 °C

Also in 2008, and again in 2009: Read the report here.

Water parameters

PH : 4 - 7
ppm : 10-300

My Experience

Easy to keep. Alfa male establish a territory in which several females breed.

If provided with hiding places, it's possible to keep a group in a tank. Not very aggressive, in my tank, the other, smaller males hide among floating plants ( Ceratopteris cornuta) 


Breed in almost any water; pH: 4,0 - 7 . Polygamous.

Females with fry at the same time often steal a lot of fry from each other.