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Apistogramma paulmuelleri

Apistogramma sp. "Masken"

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A-number: 52


Description of Apistogramma paulmuelleri sp. n., a new geophagine cichlid species (Teleostei: Perciformes) from the Amazon river basin in Loreto, Peru*
Uwe Römer, Joscha Beninde, Fabrice Duponchelle, Carmen Rosa García Dávila,
Antonia Vela Díaz, & Jean-François Renno (April 2013)

Apistogramma regani-lineage
   Apistogramma regani-group
      Apistogramma regani-complex


A. sp. "Masken"
A. sp. "Apache" (in part)
A. sp. "Carapintada" (in part)
A. sp. "Peru (II)"
A. sp. cf. regani (Belem)
A. sp. "Peru-regani" (Less colorful form)

Distribution and habitat

Midler and lower Rio Ucayali-drainage, Peru

I collected this species in two locations close to each other, in 2005 and 2006, between Iquitos and Nauta, Peru.

The water was influenced by blackwater.

The fish was collected in shallow water in October, this is at the end of the dry season. The water temperature will be lower the rest of the year.

The water in 2005:
pH: 5,1
Conductivity: 14 microSiemens/cm
Temp: 26,9 °C

The water in 2006:
pH: 4,69
Conductivity: 70 microSiemens/cm
Temp: 29,2 °C

The water in 2009:
pH: 5,32
Conductivity: 10 microSiemens/cm
Temp: 30,2 °C
Collecting them in 2009

Water parameters

PH : 4 - 7
ppm : low!

My Experience


They breed easily in pH 5,5.