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Apistogramma sp. "D50"

A. sp. "D50" - wild male

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A-number: 0




The taxonomy is still a bit unclear. A genetic analysis (in progress) might reveal it's relationships.

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Apistogramma sp. "Alto Vaupes II"

Apistogramma sp. "Unibrow"

Distribution and habitat

Headwaters of the Río Vaupés, Colombia

Water parameters

PH : 4-6
ppm : Low

My Experience

Behave like any other Apistogramma in my tank.


This is one of the up to now 5 (or 6) known facultative larvophile mouthbrooding Apistogramma species.
(The other 4 - 5 are A. barlowi (probably 3 genetically different species under this name), A. megastoma, A. sp. "D10", A. pantalone, and maybe A. atahualpa).
Facultative means that mouthbrooding occurs optionally in response to circumstances rather than by nature.
So sometimes you will see mouthbrooding, other times they breed like most others Apistogramma, without any mouthbrooding.
They have so far not shown any mouthbrooding in my tanks!