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Apistogramma barlowi (White color form)

A. sp. Mouthbrooder White color form

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Apistogramma barlowi sp. n.:
Description of a new facultativ mouth-breeding cichlid species
(Teleostei: Perciformes: Geophaginae) from Northern Peru
U. Römer & I. Hahn 2007



This form is called "Blanco" (White) by locals.

There also exists a form called "Rojo" (Red).

The white form is not found sympatrically with the red form, but the habitats are in the same area and both habitats belong to the Rio Ampiyacu-drainage. 

So far, one of only two species of the genus, in which larvofile mouthbrooding has been recognized.


Apistogramma sp. "Maulbrüter" / "Mouthbrooder" (White color form)

Apistogramma sp. "Hauswell" (Trade name)

Distribution and habitat

This is found in the Rio Ampiyacu-drainage, Pebas-area, District of Loreto, Peruvian Amazon.

I got some from a fisherman who is collecting this species, and brought them back from Peru in October 2006.

Water parameters

PH : 4,5 - 6,5
ppm : 10 - 100

My Experience

Easy to keep.


Easy to breed.

Because of the way they breed, the numbers of eggs/fry are low.