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Taeniacara candidi

Taeniacara candidi F1 male

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Myers, 1935

Family: Cichlidae
Genus: Taeniacara 

Publication: Proc. biol. Soc. Washington, 48, 11.


Apistogramma weisei  (Ahl, 1936)

Distribution and habitat

Amazon River basin, in the lower Rio Negro (Brazil), and along the Amazon River to the Tapajós River.

Usually found in clearwater tributaries to the Rio Amazonas and Rio Negro. 


Water parameters

PH : 4 - 6,5
ppm : Low

My Experience

They do best with very small tetras as dither fish, I keep them in a large tank together with Axelrodia riesei.

If kept together with other cichlids or larger fish, you probably won't see them much. 

I feed them newly hatched BBS every day.

They seem to love fine, light sand with leaf-litter, some wood and tall plants ( for shelter).


Breeds in (natural) caves or in the open on a plant leaf or on wood.

Breeds easily if the water is soft and slightly to very acid.

The 20 - 100 eggs are ususally white (even when fertilized)!